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Exercícios sobre Indefinite Pronouns


01. Don't tell _____ lies to me; you cannot deceive me any longer.

a) some
b) no
c) none
d) no one
e) any

02. She didn't have ________ mistakes in her paper.

a) some
b) any
c) no
d) no one
e) none

03. Are there ________ books for me today? ) No, there are not ______ books for you today.

a) any - any
b) some - some
c) any - some
d) anyone - some
e) something - no

04. "Have you seen my radio?"
"No, I haven't seen it ___________."

a) where
b) nowhere
c) everywhere
d) somewhere
e) anywhere

05. He couldn't find ________ wrong with the food.

a) some
b) nothing
c) anything
d) every
e) no

06. The room is empty. There is ______ in it.

a) anybody
b) somebody
c) nobody
d) anything
e) something

07. I ever eat _______ for breakfast.

a) something
b) whatever
c) nothing
d) anything
e) something

08. (FATEC) He left without ________ money.

a) some
b) no
c) no one
d) any
e) none

09. (ITA) _________ cures a headache faster than an aspirin.

a) Nothing
b) None
c) Nobody
d) Somebody
e) Anybody

10. (MACKENZIE) _________ of you can speak English well.

a) None
b) No one
c) Nobody
d) Anybody
e) Someone


01. E02. B03. A04. E
05. C06. C07. D08. D
09. A10. A

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