domingo, 22 de junho de 2014


Select the best option that replaces the underlined words without changing the meaning of the sentence:

01. I can just picture it. A month on a tropical island with nothing to do.
a) dream of
b) imagine
c) consider
d) wish

02. John's comments are so spiteful that he's always hurting other people's feelings.
a) sarcastic
b) vulgar
c) rude
d) malicious

03. How could Carol be so nonchalant at a moment like this?
a) unreasonable
b) foolish
c) indifferent
d) cruel

04. Dennis was exasperated by what Carol had said.
a) extremely frustrated by
b) very disappointed with
c) sad with
d) angry with

Slect the best option to complete the sentence: 

05. I won't have my ears ____ by that loud music
a) ruined
b) ruin
c) to ruin
d) ruining

06. The doctor suggests that Jeff ____ at least 10 glasses of water a day.
a) drink
b) will drink
c) drinks
d) drank

07. I _____ have eaten all that cake last night, but it was so good that I couldn't resist.
a) mustn't
b) shouldn't
c) ought not
d) might not

08. It is necessary that these papers _____ handed in by next Monday.
a) be
b) are
c) will be
d) were

I hope you do well!