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Student’s name: _________________________________
Complete the sentences using the vocabulary you’ve learned in lesson 2
01. I asked a mechanic to ______________ the car before I bought it, just to make sure everything was ok.
02. Greta asked the manager for ______________to leave work early.
03. My secretary ______________the meeting to tell me I had an important phone call.
04. I’ve taught my son how to ______________his shoes.
05. Before taking off your shoes, it’s a good idea to ______________them first.
06. It is a lot worse for an elderly person to ______________than a young person, isn’t it?
07. When you learn to drive, you learn how to ______________a car.
08. If you increase the volume of a radio, you ______________it ______.
09. The volume of the radio is too ______________. We can’t hear a word!
10. I think I am going to ______________eating sweets because I’m getting fat!
11. She became deeply ______________when her husband died.
12. You'd better ______________alcohol for a while.
13. They were both ______________because they arrived late too often.
14. The plight (= difficult situation) of the Asian economy is forcing businesses to ______________.
15. Terry was ______________ for three months last year, but now he’s back at work again.
16. He’s so moody – I don’t know how she can ______________him.
17. I can ______________the house being untidy, but I hate it if it’s not clean.
18. A social appointment with another person, especially with a person with the opposite sex is your ______________.
19. We sometimes use ______________to ask for or give permission. It is more polite and more formal than ______________.
20. Talking with a strange person you would probably say, “______________I ask you a question?”
21. My kids’ ______________are to wash the dishes, take out the garbage and feed the birds.
22. Henry worked late because he had to ______________his report.
23. Allison ______________studying for the test until the last minute, so now she’s got to study all night.
24. A small instrument you can hold in your hand and use to control an appliance such as TV, VCR, DVD or stereo from a distance is called ______________.
25. Is there anyone in your house who likes to turn up the ______________more than you like it?
26. Please don’t turn up the TV. We can’t talk if it’s too ______________.

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