sábado, 13 de abril de 2013


A young blonde lady went on a trip on an old steam train that took the passengers through mountains and tunnels.
As the train approached a tunnel, the conductor hurriedly walked through the coaches warning passengers, "Tunnel ahead" Look out!
The blond quickly stuck her head out the window, and her forehead met with the concrete entrance of the tunnel.
After being revived 15 minutes later, the blonde's words were, "That stupid son of a bitch! He should have told me to look in!


old steam train = "Maria Fumaça"
tunnel = túnel
as = quando
approach = aproximar
conductor = maquinista
hurriedly = apressadamente
coach = vagão
Look out = Cuidado (ou) olhe para fora, dependendo do contexto
stuck out = colocou para fora
forehead = testa
revived = reanimada
look in = olhar para dentro

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